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Hi! I'm Laura Marissa Cullell, and I'm a blockchain

expert, writer, and master communicator.

I love puns, reading, video games, and

making things!

I've been working in the Web3 space for over

five years. That's an eternity in this industry.


In that time I've:

  • Wrote my thesis on how to make the world
    a better place with blockchain technology.

  • Written 30+ articles on blockchain, and NFTs

  • Worked on NFT video games as a loremaster
    (it's a thing)

  • Developed high-level comms strategies for a
    variety of projects in the space

  • Experienced the highs and lows of Web3

Writing is my passion—but it's not just about words

for me: it's about telling your story in a way that best

reflects your project and brand.


That's why I founded LMCS: there's a huge

education and knowledge gap in all things Web3—

and it needs someone who can make sense of it all!

If you're interested in working with me or learning

more about LMCS please don't hesitate to contact

me below!

Let’s Make Cool Sh*t. 


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